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Scramble Combo Hybrid Grappling Fight Shorts - Black

Scramble Combo Hybrid Grappling Fight Shorts - Black

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Scramble Combo Hybrid Grappling Fight Shorts

The Scramble Combination shorts, now updated with a shorter leg.

Designed for fit, form, functionality, and fspeed, and fjiujitsu, these shorts are really cool. If it makes you feel better we could come up with a load of fake trademarks? OK, here goes.

MEGA-DUALITY™ Combined Shorts Technology leaves your thighs feeling loved and energised!

SlipNGrip™ Ultra comfortable spats material feels nice and slippery but somehow also tight which is cool!

HOOK de HOOPZ™ Turbo secure fastening enclosure ensures your innards stay within your abdominal lining at (almost) all timez!


In all seriousness, these shorts are a technological marvel and you’re gonna love them.


  • Sizing – buy a size up if you are big, these are quite fitted

  • Double layer with original tiger camo underneath

  • Possibly the best training shorts of all time

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