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Rival RFX -Guerrero-V Leather Bag Gloves - SF-H - Black/Gold

Rival RFX -Guerrero-V Leather Bag Gloves - SF-H - Black/Gold

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One of the most power-transmitting gloves on the market today, this classic horsehair-padded glove offers a great fit with a firm, solid feel. Endorsed by some of boxing's best, it has been carefully adapted for bag use and features our innovative Hook & Loop V-Strap for a secure fit.

Handcrafted using only the finest cowhide leather, the SF-H version of our RFX-Guerrero-V Bag Glove offers a more traditional take. Often referred to as a "puncher’s glove”, these beauties combine the impact absorption power of foam, along with a layer of old-school, quilted horsehair for added hand protection. Laminating them with a low-density polyurethane foam adds texture to the leather and gives them that soft “broken-in” feel.

We’re sure you will love the comfortable fit, the protection and, most importantly, the transmission of power that this glove provides while you train on the bag or pads.

Low-Density Inner Foam Padding (SF-H)
Quilted Layer of Horsehair Padding
Premium Quality Leather
Rival’s V-Strap Wrist Lock 2 System
Printed and Embroidered Rival Graphics

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