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8 Weapons Unlimited Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - Black/White

8 Weapons Unlimited Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - Black/White

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8 Weapons Unlimited Boxing Gloves Black/White


The 8 Weapons Unlimted boxing glove is an ideal boxing glove for intensive training sessions with a sandbag, pad or partner. The glove is ideally suited for muay thai, kickboxing and boxing. It is made of high quality synthetic leather and has a long durability even with intensive use.

There is a large and thick pad on the palm. Partner exercises are very pleasant, as the blows to the palm are very well cushioned. Loose kicks can be perfectly absorbed with these unlimted boxing gloves. This qualities makes the Strike boxing gloves ideal for training sessions with partners or partner exercises.


As an all-rounder, the unlimted boxing gloves are also suitable for sparring and has enough padding in the front area so that black eyes can be prevented.
The Velcro fastener completely encloses the joint cuff and offers a very compact and firm fit. The main seams that are subjected to stress are made twice. The inner lining is made of water-repellent material. The thumb is sewn on.


Technical Features


  • All-round boxing glove
  • Leather-free made of high quality synthetic leather
  • Firmly closing hook and loop fastener
  • Good padding for all forms of training
  • Water-repellent lining
  • Double stiching
  • Sewn-on thumb
  • Big handle bar
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