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TUFF Samurai Skull Muay Thai Shorts

TUFF Samurai Skull Muay Thai Shorts

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TUFF Samurai Skull Muay Thai Shorts


Inspired by the classic-cut shorts from the golden era of Muay Thai in the 80s.

Made of microfiber fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry. 100% handmade in Thailand.

Shorts should be hand washed cold and drip-dried for maximum longevity.

The improved pattern gives the shorts more flexibility and mobile with nicer fitting.

The black boxing shorts feature a golden Thai traditional pattern which is influenced by the graceful Hongsa and the guardian of the treasure, Naga.


  • Made of microfiber fabric
  • Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry
  • Retro classic-cut shorts
  • Handmade in Thailand
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