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Rival Mark Heavy Filled Punch Bag - 50lbs

Rival Mark Heavy Filled Punch Bag - 50lbs

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The Rival Mark-I 50lbs Heavy Bag, is a bright fresh design made to last for years of performance. Inspired by old tank names "MARK-I" brings a modern touch to an essential item of your boxing workout- the heavy bag.

By changing the shape of a traditional heavy bag, the increase width vs height ratio maximizes the efficiency of your workout.

Weight: 50lbs / 22.5kg
Dimensions: 36" x 13" / 91cm x 33cm
Material: Ultra-Resistant Engineered Microfiber


Pre-Filled Recycled Shredded Material;
Zipper Attachment to Add or Remove Material;
Liner & EVA Padding;
Reinforced Four Rivet Attachment;
4 Individual Chains Included (Approx. 19.5"/50cm combined length.);
Carabiner Attachment;
Printed Rival Graphics;
Embossed Rival Patches.

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