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  • Tatami Super Long Sleeve Rash Guard
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Tatami Super Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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Tatami Super Long Sleeve Rash Guard


Tatami Fightwear introduces the SS20 no gi range which continues to innovate on-the-mat aesthetics and functionality.


Our new styles of Tatami rash guards, shorts and spats take centre stage in defining your training or competition gear, while being designed and manufactured with the purpose of optimising your performance.


As part of the Super collection in our range, we introduce the Tatami Super Long Sleeve Rash Guard, a blend of modern and traditional design perfect for the mats. The Tatami Super Rash Guard features a combination of classic Kanji print and modern Tatami branding on top of a tri-colour design of red, white and black.


The Tatami rash guard itself is highly elastic with a polyester-spandex fabric blend and features sublimated printing, ensuring the durability and quality of the apparel long term.


  • Moisture wicking material
  • Unique and exclusive designs 
  • Polyester-spandex fabric blend
  • Sublimated printing
  • Durable and comfortable