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Wushu Polypropylene 3pc Long Stick - Kuan Knife

Wushu Polypropylene 3pc Long Stick - Kuan Knife

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Bokkens made from Polypropylene Material  Much stronger & Durable  then Wooden Oak & Metal Spears. Lightweight Yet Sturdy. 

Total Length of Spear  is 78 Inches. Flex Tpr Rubber Blade

Can be used for Light And Semi Contact use.

This Long Spear Sticks Can be assembled into 3 PCS For Easy Travel To & From Martial ARts Classes

These Are Long Lasting Spears - Probably the Last One  You will ever Need to buy

Multiple Use Weapon, Can be used sepertaley as Escrima Sticks, Bo Staff or a A spear,


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