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Kung Fu Bamboo Fans - PRE ORDER

Kung Fu Bamboo Fans - PRE ORDER

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This strong Red Kung Fu Fan is a beautiful training tool used when practising martial arts such as Tai Chi. The fan is made of durable nylon, with strong bamboo struts. The fan depicts two Chinese dragons surrounded by clouds, facing one another with a Yin Yang symbol and the Chinese characters for 'Kung Fu' between them.

The fan is typically used for Tai Chi, and works by providing air resistance whilst perfoming the steps. The fan makes a satifying whoosh when opened, adding to the grace of martial arts training. The fan may also be displayed as an ornamental fan.

As a gift, the fan symbolises friendship and respect. In ancient China, fans were seen as a status symbol, with famous artists of the day being comissioned to paint the surfaces of fans. Skilled martial artists could also use the fan as a weapon. Total length appx 13 inches



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