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Japanese Hakama: Indigo Dyed Blue: 10,000

Japanese Hakama: Indigo Dyed Blue: 10,000

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Playwell indigo dyed Hakama are designed specifically for the Kendo practitioner and represent the finest quality Kendo Hakama available. They are made from heavy weight cotton and are coloured with the finest indigo dye. These Hakama are for the dedicated long term practitioner of Kendo and if correctly treated will last for years of regular usage. Indigo dying does however bleed heavily which leaves the practitioner rather blue!

One of the advantages of this dying method is that Indigo has a natural antibacterial action which prevents the fabric decay and thus prolongs the Hakama life. Bushu Indigo Dye has been used in garments since the 7th century. The dye is a highly affective deodorizer, insect repellant, and insulating substance. In addition, when added to fibers, such as cotton, Bushu Indigo Dye can increase the material's durability by approximately

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