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WTF Approved Taekwondo Students Suit

WTF Approved Taekwondo Students Suit

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Wacoku WTF Approved Taekwondo uniform


The WTF Approved Gi is made up of 80% Polyester 20% Cotton ribbed material, the Dobok is designed to feel light and flexible giving you zero restriction when training and competing, while being simultaneously durable. A soft spandex band is incorporated in the waist section for extra flexibility and comfort.


The Trousers have an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a super secure fit. With extra stitching in the stress points for durability. Full length gusset has been built in for full flexibility.


Again extra stitched in all the stress points for toughness and durability. The WTF Approved White collar suit also comes complete with white belt.


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