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Adults Karate Premium Silver Brand Suit - White 10oz

Adults Karate Premium Silver Brand Suit - White 10oz

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Our Adults Karate SIlver Brand Suit White IS our Best Selling And top premium quality Student suits who prefer the best, Medium Weight in quality from 10oz Fabric 


Heavier than Beginners' Suit. White. 100% Cotton. Offers high quality features, considered to be the best of its class for demanding martial arts students. Wear Playwell uniforms with peace of mind. 


Very High Quality Next Best Thing to The Karate Traditonal Heavyweigth suits, 

  • Complete with white karate Belt.
  • Karate Trousers with Elastic and Cord Waist For All Sizes.
  • Excellent Karate Uniform made with the finest cotton. Heavy Drill Cotton.
  • Weight of karate uniform approx 10oz. 
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