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Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls - Set of 3

Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls - Set of 3

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Trigger Point Massage Ball set allows you to target sore painful areas and by applying pressure, successfully relieve tension and release tight knotted muscles.

Once you have chosen your preferred ball position it on the affected area. Place the ball on the floor and roll on it to treat lower back and glutes pain. For shoulders and upper back massage the ball can be placed between the body and a wall. Alternatively, to relieve neck and shoulder tension simply hold the ball in the palm of the hand and roll.

Use the balls pre workout to warm up muscles and prevent cramping, and to target sore tight painful areas post exercise.

The trigger point massage balls are proven to be particularly effective on sciatic nerve pain and are also widely used in pilates.

Why Choose the  Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls?
Manufactured to a high standard the  acupressure ball set is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability and easy storage in mind.

Each of the three differently coloured balls work effectively on a specific body area.

Designed for trigger point release and acupressure massage this set of three balls is a great value way to target tense painful muscles both at home or away.

Colour: Yellow (Low Density) Orange (Medium Density) Red (High Density)
Product Dimensions: 6cm (each)
Material: PVC
Presented In: Clear tube 
Packed Weight: 299g

Sold as set of 3 
Made in Taiwan

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