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  • MMA Plain Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard
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MMA Plain Black Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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The 2.0 Compression T-shirt combines Dry Tech and Compression Technologies in order to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles with an unrivalled comfort

Designed as a Combat Sports Training T-shirt, the Contender 2.0 Compression T-shirt offers the ideal level of surface pressure to your body muscle. Locked, your muscles delivers more power longer during workout and recover faster once the training is completed.

The  Compression T-shirt is made with a stretch  Dry Tech fabric to bring you the highest range of comfort. This  base layer sensation pulls sweat fully off the skin and supports natural movements

 Compression T-shirt benefits from an ultra-lightweight fabric to maximize the airflow: at the highest level of intensity, you will feel better equipped to respond to this challenging time of life


Technical features:

 Technology: provides the optimal pressure area on muscle to make you go harder, for longer and recover faster.

Spandex 4-way Construction: permits a full range of motion.

Dry Tech fabric: facilitate the sweat escape keeping you fresh.

Ergonomic seams and rubber band on the waist to maintain your gear perfectly in place.

super-soft and durable fabric for a day-to-day comfort.