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  • Bad Boy MMA Storage Sports Water Bottle
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Bad Boy MMA Storage Sports Water Bottle

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So you’re heading to the Gym with your water bottle and towel in tow. But where do you put all your other valuables?

The Bad Boy Storage Bottle is designed to tackle this problem. An effective storage compartment attached to a water bottle which can hold whatever you want, whether you want to store your locker key, car keys, jewellery, money, pre-workout supplement, whatever you want! This way you can keep your valuables with you throughout your workout without worrying about them falling from pockets or being picked up by someone else.

Such a simple yet effective solution to a common problem, the Bad Boy Storage bottle also looks great with a newly designed appearance and can still hold up to 550ml of liquid so you won’t be compromising on hydration, even with the large storage compartment. Not only great for the gym, the Bad Boy Storage Bottle can be used for day to day use and is great for those who take supplements or vitamins as different points of the day.


  • Large Multifunctional Storage Compartment which easily screws on to the base of the Water Bottle
  • Ergonomic Shape with Hand Grip Panels and narrow neck for easy gripping
  • Secure, screw top lid with leak-proof nozzle
  • Holds up to 550ml of liquid
  • Dishwasher and Freezer Safe
  • Re-designed appearance with large Bad Boy Logo